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Visitors to HK簡體版
We offer superior in-building coverage . Enjoy our smooth and lightning fast network indoors or out, upstairs or down, on the MTR, on ferries and even inside tunnels.
Voice Roaming

Connect to multi-award winning operator. Enjoy a reliable and smooth network while you travel around Hong Kong.

How to Choose SmarTone

If your phone doesn’t connect to SmarTone automatically on arrival, follow the below instructions to set it as your carrier.

iPhone: Setting > Carrier > SmarTone

Samsung: Setting > Mobile networks > Network operators > SmarTone

Sony Xperia: Setting > Connectivity > Mobile Networks > Manual > SmarTone

Nokia: Menu > Setting > Mobile Network > Manual > SmarTone

Motorola: Menu>Setting > Network setup > SmarTone

*368 Info hotline

For information on roaming, telephone directory services and weather reports, dial*368 from your phone. Customer service is available in English and Mandarin.

No service charges apply when dialing *368. Only local airtime is charged.

Making calls

To place a local call, for example, to call 2880 2688, dial:
press 2press 8press 8press 0press 2press 6press 8press 8press send / press yes / press OK

Enter press plus hen country code, area code and phone number. For example, to call 456 7890 in New York, USA, dial:
press pluspress 1press 2press 1press 2press 4press 5press 6press 7press 8press 9press 0press send / press yes / press ok

Data Roaming

Stay connected with our great value fixed-rate data plan. Go online for just HK$8 per hour* or HK$24 per day* with our Broadband & Voice Stored-Value SIM. With this card you can also make high quality local calls for as little as HK$0.05/min.

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  • Under FUP (Fair Usage Policy), when monthly data usage reaches fair usage level of 5GB, data service continues without speed throttling or data capping, but access to network resources will be given lower priority and data service experience may be affected.
  • Data usage on mobile phone, tablet and smart camera only, excluding tethering and peer-to-peer applications. Actual data transmission speeds may vary due to Internet traffic conditions, local conditions, hardware, software and other conditions which may arise.
  • A monthly administration fee of HK$2.5 will be deducted upon the activation of the SIM card. Subsequent monthly fees will be deducted on the same date every month (If the date of activation falls between 28th-31st inclusive, the administration fee will be deducted on 28th of each month).