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wireless digital home telephone with voice recorder
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Call Management
Caller Display
Shows the name of the caller if their number is in your phonebook.
Call Waiting
Never miss a call even during another one.
Call Forwarding
Forward all calls to any local phone number you specify.
Conference Call
Forward all incoming calls to you. You can connect to a local call, IDD long distance call or internet call during a call, and have a conference call with up to 5 people from anywhere in the world.
Overseas VoIP Call
Call any broadband connected PC or smartphone anywhere in the world and even receive VoIP calls, all without a computer
With your "HomePhone+", you can simply press the IP button to call overseas for free. What's more, there is a dedicated presence indicator in your phonebook showing whether overseas contacts are currently on line or not.
The set-up is easy for overseas contacts as well. They can simply register for a personal IP address at www.IP73.com Learn how to make VoIP calls from Hong Kong to Overseas and from Overseas to Hong Kong.

Learn how to make VoIP calls from Hong Kong to Overseas and from Overseas to Hong Kong.

* Overseas VoIP call is applicable for the designated model of HomePhone+

Home Assistant
With a touch of the red button, you can be connected to our dedicated hotline 24 hours a day. This service is FREE to use, only charging HK$1 per call if call transfer is needed.
Service For Home
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Security
  • Home Cleaning
  • Mini Storage
  • Home Décor
  • Home Computer Support
Car Repair and Cleaning
Pet Care
Order and Delivery
Useful Numbers
  • Government Departments
  • Hospital
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public Utilities
  • Bank
Food and Beverage
  • Home Delivery
  • Restaurant
Call Guard
Take control of incoming calls
Block Junk Call
  • Call Guard takes advantage of SmarTone's network to block junk calls from getting through to your "HomePhone+", even local or overseas calls with a hidden caller ID
  • Enjoy effective junk call blocking through our ever- expanding user-contributed database. Contribute to the database yourself by reporting the last junk call received* with a tap
  • All reported numbers are verified to prevent false reporting and protect user rights
A Range of Flexible Blocking Options
  • White List – Only lets the people you care about reach you directly and forwards all other calls to voice recorder
  • Black List – Your own personalised list of blocked numbers
  • Bar Withheld Numbers – Block all incoming calls with a hidden caller ID, with the exception of international calls^
  • Unbar Junk Callers – Option to receive certain marketing calls by unblocking callers with the Unbar Junk Callers feature
    • Refers to the last call answered by the user or connected to voice recorder
    • The caller ID of some international calls may be hidden because of the IDD seting of the provider
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The comprehensive solution household phone, Special Port in offer for HK$38/month.
Special Port in offer
Monthly Fee
24 months contract
Services Included:
Free wireless digital home telephone
Free voice recorder+
Free call management services including caller display, call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling
Free home assistant service
IDD Call with everyday flat rates

To apply Homephone+ service with a new fixedline number, customer can enjoy special $58 monthly fee offer. Designated mobile service customers / Fiber Broadband service customers /  Home 5G Broadband service customers subscribe Home Phone + Service plan with a new fixedline number can enjoy extra monthly fee rebate.

^ The offer is only applicable to Customer who port in his fixedline number for fixed telecommunication network services. The special monthly fee $38 offer is based on the original service plan monthly fee $68 after credit of a designated monthly rebate $30 to the customer’s account within contract period. Customer is required to register the Services on a 24 months’ contract subscription.

+ Voice recorded call alerts sent via SMS to SmarTone mobile numbers are free. For other mobile operators, an HK$1 charge per SMS applies.

Subject to relevant terms and conditions. For service plans and offers detail, please enquire to salespersons.

Services Service Fee
Call Guard HK$25

24-month contract
Connecting Tone HK$20 (includes 1 connecting tone change)
Extra changes: HK$5 - HK$8 / selection

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Countries Dial to Fxed-Line (Charge Per Minute) Dial to Mobile (Charge Per Minute)
China HKD0.23 HKD0.23
Canada HKD0.23 HKD0.23
Britian HKD0.23 HKD1.86
America HKD0.23 HKD0.23
Australia HKD0.26 HKD1.86
Taiwan HKD0.28 HKD0.88

Please refer to business subscriber / residential subscriber for IDD charges.

Use IDD password controls to avoid unauthorised use. A password will be assigned at service activation. Should you need to reset it, you can call our 24-hour hotline. After verification, you can change your password.

To make IDD calls protected by IDD password controls, follow the below steps.

001+country code+destination number + follow voice instruction +6-digit PIN

Visit our stores to subscribe the service.