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Port in Yourself. Easy, Convenient, Quick
Applicable to local prepaid SIM and monthly mobile service plan port-in.

1. Easy

Purchase and activate SmarTone prepaid SIM

2. Convenient

Download SmarTone CARE App

3. Quick

Apply for port-in in SmarTone CARE App

SmarTone CARE App Port-In - User Guide


Enter the port-in mobile number, then enter the one-time password


If prepaid SIM is selected, please upload a photo of the back of the SIM or a photo of the SIM number


If monthly service plan is selected, please upload a photo of identity document


Select the effective date and time


Applicant to sign


Application complete

Mobile Number Port-In Notes

The port-in application may be rejected if:

  • The name of mobile number owner does not match
  • The ID number of mobile number owner or prepaid SIM’s ICCID number does not match
  • Incorrect port-in information (e.g. the name or credential ID of holder)

1. How long is the port-in application process?

It normally takes about 3 days, once it’s in effect, the port-in mobile number will automatically replace the original SmarTone mobile number. Customers do not have to contact their mobile operator

2. Can I use a prepaid SIM mobile number or a mobile number with monthly plan for port-in?

Both can be port-in, please contact your current mobile operator if unsure whether the port-in number is monthly plan or prepaid SIM

Monthly plan customers: Please ensure you are the owner of the mobile number, and the old contract has ended or about to end

Prepaid SIM customers: Keep the current prepaid SIM active with a balance of at least HK$1

3. Will there be a notification if the port-in application is not successful?

You will receive an SMS notification

4. Will the original mobile number become invalid if the port-in application is not successful?

No, and your original mobile number will still be under the service of your current mobile operator. Your mobile service will still be in use