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$65 Local Prepaid SIM

Call Management Services
Services ( Click Here for using instruction) Charges Subscription & Cancellation
Caller Number Display Free of charge Not Applicable
Conference Call Free of charge
  • Airtime charge will be incurred for all calls you answer
Not Applicable
Call Waiting Activate:
Call Forwarding HK$15 / month Subscription:
Voice Mail HK$15 / month
  • Airtime is applied for retrieving messages through prepaid SIM card
Subscription & cancellation:
Connecting Tone HK$20 / month
(including 1 tone)
  • HK$5 / additional tone change
Subscription: 、SmarTone CARE or press
Basic Call Guard
Block reported junk calls at the mobile network
  • Call Guard app and other features (including overseas call notification, personal blacklist, bar withheld numbers, exceptional list, forward junk calls to voicemail and VIP list) are not available
System Alert Forwarding Service
  • This service allows you to divert the system SMS alerts (including stored value balance and expiry date of the Prepaid SIM card) to your preset Hong Kong mobile number on any network
HK$8/30 days
Subscription: (HK mobile no. for receiving alert SMS)

Note: No need to input (852) for subscription

The above monthly service charges will be deducted automatically from the SIM card every month (Notes: if the date of subscription fall between 28th – 31st inclusive, the monthly fee will be deducted on 28th of each month). If the SIM card balance is insufficient for charge deduction and/or the SIM card validity is less than 1 month on the monthly renewal day of the subscribed service, the service (except Connecting Tone) will be automatically cancelled. Customer is required to top-up the SIM card at $50 or above and subscribe the service again. While Connecting Tone will be reactivated upon deduction of monthly fee.