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Prepare SIMply
Prepaid Travel Data Card - $88, no contract and unlimited roaming data to travel the world
  • Q1:
    Is the Prepaid Travel Data Card available to all customers?


    Prepaid Travel Data Card is available to SmarTone and non-SmarTone customers.

  • Q2:
    Which phones or tablets support the Prepaid Travel Data Card?


    It can be used on all phones, tablets or iPads.

  • Q3:
    Can I make voice calls or send SMS with my Prepaid Travel Data Card?


    No. This card supports roaming data only.

  • Q4:
    Does Prepaid Travel Data Card cover all kinds of data usage?


    Prepaid Travel Data Card can be used for browsing, email, apps, VoIP and tethering, but excludes peer-to-peer applications, FTP file sharing and webcam applications.

  • Q5:
    Before using the Prepaid Travel Data Card, do I have to activate the card?


    No. You can use the Prepaid Travel Data Card immediately once the card has been inserted into any phone or connected device.

  • Q6:
    Can I top up when the roaming data entitlement in the card has been used up or expired?


    Yes. You may subscribe a top-up roaming data pack after recharge your Travel Data Card. Click here for recharge methods

  • Q7:
    How is a day defined for Prepaid Travel Data Card?


    A day is defined as 00:00 to 23:59 HK time. The card will be automatically activated once you start using roaming data. Data service can be used from the activation date to 23:59 (Hong Kong time) on the last day, based on the number of days stated on the Prepaid Travel Data Card.

  • Q8:
    Why should I use the Prepaid Travel Data Card instead of renting a pocket WiFi?


    Prepaid Travel Data Card is economical and lets you share roaming data among friends and family. Better yet, it saves you the hassle of having to:

    - reserve, pick up and return the device

    - bring an additional charger