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Coverage & Charges

Roaming is now easier than ever. We provide a reliable and wide reaching roaming service, so you can make calls, send SMS, use email, surf the web, and use data services wherever you roam, so you'll never miss a call.

In addition with the data roaming spending advice, you will be reminded of potential data roaming charges to help you avoid unexpected expenses and give peace of mind while you're on the road* . When you're overseas, we'll alert you of additional charges and the relevant charging every time before you stream video or download files from the default browser of your original phone manufacturer (except BlackBerry). You must confirm the use of applications each time, to avoid accidental charges.

Extensive Roaming Coverage

  • Data roaming spending advice applies to WAP browsing, email, apps, file downloading and video/audio playing on mobile phones only, excluding BlackBerry and Mobile Broadband.

  • As of 1 Jan, 2018